Temporarily Pausing the Rollout of ‘AccelerateWP with Custom Panel Integration’ Release”

CL_AWP sopporting control panel_V1 copy-1We would like to inform you that the rollout of the slot ‘cloudlinux-8’ featuring ‘AccelerateWP with custom panel integration’ has been temporarily paused due to identified bugs. Our team is diligently working to address these issues and ensure a smooth experience for all users.

The decision to pause the rollout was made to ensure the stability and functionality of the update. We have identified the following critical issues that prompted the pause:

  1. CLOS-1947lve-stats-4.2.0-1: Users have reported encountering a Python error when generating a time frame output. The error message indicates that a ‘numpy.float32’ object cannot be interpreted as an integer.

  2. CLOS-1952MariaDB Connection Issues: Users attempting to connect to MariaDB servers on Plesk have faced difficulties. Both ‘::1’ and ‘’ IP addresses are being denied access to the MariaDB server. Additionally, the error message “Access denied for user ‘admin’@’::1′” has been observed.


Temporarily downgrade the packages.

The packages for which the rollout has been paused:

  • cloudlinux-venv #1.0.0-2
  • alt-python27-cllib #alt-python27-cllib@3.3.1-1
  • lve-utils #6.5.1-1
  • accelerate-wp #accelerate-wp-1.7-1
  • lvemanager #7.10.1-1
  • cloudlinux-awp-plugin #0.2-8
  • alt-php-apm #alt-php-xray-0.5-27
  • cloudlinux-venv #1.0.0-1
  • lve #liblve-2.1-15
  • alt-python27-cllib #alt-python27-cllib@3.3.0-1
  • lve-utils #6.5.0-1
  • cagefs #7.6.0-1
  • lvemanager #7.10.0-1
  • lve-stats #4.2.0-1
  • accelerate-wp #accelerate-wp-1.7-2
  • alt-python27-cllib #alt-python27-cllib@3.3.2-1

ETA for the release with bug fixes and resumption:

To address these issues, we are actively working on fixes and improvements. We anticipate releasing a version with the necessary bugfixes by September 6, 2023, and once the issues are resolved, we will resume the rollout.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to enhance your CloudLinux experience.