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VMware Cloud Director Availability – Provider Recommendations and Architecting Guide

VMware Cloud Director Availability offers several options for vApp and VM migrations and disaster recovery: On-premises to Cloud Cloud to Cloud Cloud to on-premises Thanks to the clear architecture, VMware Cloud Director Availability appliances’ deployment

Veeam Backup & Replication plug-in for VMware Cloud Director

As a managed service provider, you have a lot on your shoulders. Customers rely on you to manage and support their infrastructure and applications — the very life blood of their business. Figure 1 Source:

Feature Friday Episode 33 – Terraform vCloud Director Provider 3.1 and NSX-T

As you know each week we will release a new video covering a different topic in more depth. The content will be mostly technical but will also cover services that are feasible with the features.

Cloud Director Availability Certificate Management

The SSL certificates are essential for establishing a trusted connection between the different VMware Cloud Director Availability appliances and their proper service. Each of them comes with their unique self-signed SSL certificate during the deployment.

Accelerated Apache Spark 3 leveraging NVIDIA GPUs on VMware Cloud (Part 1 of 2)

Apache Spark is a unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing. The recent release of Apache Spark 3.0 includes enhanced support for accelerators like GPUs and for Kubernetes as the scheduler. VMware Cloud Foundation 4.x

Migrate VMware Cloud Director from NSX-V to NSX-T

The VMware NSX Migration for VMware Cloud Director 1.2 version was released last week with support for VMware Cloud Director 10.2 and its new enhanced NSX-T integration (distributed firewall, load balancing, VRF-lite, etc.) as well

VMware Cloud Director Availability Disaster Recovery to Cloud service recommendations.

The time for Disaster Recovery couldn’t be more acute, as businesses continue to transform and become more digital, they also increase their dependency on technology— exposing them more to risk.  Disaster Recovery as a Service

What’s New in the Early February 2021 Release of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

With every release, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC refines itself as an enterprise-optimized infrastructure as-a-Service solution that scales up in density and capacity, providing enterprises with a fully managed, on-premises solution built to handle advanced

Backing up Oracle Workloads (RAC & Non-RAC) with VMware Snapshot Technology

In computer systems, a snapshot is the state of a system at a particular point in time. To avoid downtime, high-availability systems may instead perform the backup on a snapshot—a read-only copy of the data

PrimaryIO Hybrid Cloud Data Management for VMware Cloud Director

PrimaryIO is pleased to announce that Hybrid Cloud Data Management (HDM) 2.1 technology is now supported on VMware Cloud Director 10.2 and Cloud Director service. HDM decouples compute and storage to seamlessly move workloads to