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LFCS – Kerberos Authentication (Ubuntu)

Kerberos is an authentication method which helps improve security between systems. For systems that need to access another, such as Secure Shell (SSH), Kerberos is a great way to keep the connection secure. If you

LFCS – Kerberos Authentication (CentOS7)

Kerberos is an authentication method that can assign a user a ‘ticket’ after the first sign-on. Once a user has entered a correct password, then they are granted a ‘ticket’ to allow connection again without

Using Containers to move from local to Remote Development

April 4, 2022 by Olivia Guzzardo, @OliviaGuzzardo One of my favorite things that industry professionals like to ask aspiring developers is, “How many lines of code does the average developer write per day?” Most guess

Visual Studio Code November 2021

Downloads: Windows: User System ARM | Mac: Universal 64 bit Arm64 | Linux: deb rpm tarball ARM snap Welcome to the November 2021 release of Visual Studio Code. There are many updates in this version

BASH 01 – Script Basics

This article is the first in a series of articles to cover Bash Scripting. More articles will follow which will build on each other, so make sure you look over each article. It is preferable

LFCS – Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM)

With every type of Operating System (OS), there needs to be security in place. With CentOS or Ubuntu, there is the Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM). The files allow you to configure security as you need

Android 9 on Linux

Many people would sometimes like to have access to Android. In this article, I will cover the steps to install Android 9 on a Virtual Box machine. Having access to Android on your system can

LFCS – User Account Management

With any Linux system, you may need to add users. Additional Users may be needed when adding Services such as Samba. Being able to manage user accounts is a very important task, especially if working

Monthly News – July 2021

Many thanks to all our donors, sponsors and partners and all the people who are involved in helping our project and our community. We received 380 donations in June and more than 500 in July.

Workspace Trust in Visual Studio Code

July 6, 2021 by Chris Dias, @chrisdias Can I trust myself? This is the existential question facing many Visual Studio Code users since the 1.57 update. While we can’t answer that question for you, we