The Effortless Path to Enable the Power of AccelerateWP: A Video Guide for Activation via CLI

Are you looking for the easiest way to enable all the powerful features of AccelerateWP with just a few commands? In this comprehensive video guide, Dennis Kittrell, VP of Hosting products, will walk you through the process of enabling AccelerateWP, AccelerateWP Premium, and AccelerateWP CDN via the Command Line Interface (CLI). By following the simple commands demonstrated in the video, you can significantly boost your website‘s speed and user experience.

By following his instructions, you’ll be able enable next capabilities:

  1. Automated performance guidance for your customers
  2. Zero-touch upsell for premium features
  3. Increase value for top-tier WP hosting Packages
  4. Decrease churn and inrease customer LTV
  5. Premium features are charged per user (not per website)
  6. Free CDN (up to 1GB per user)

To assist you further, CloudLinux provides a comprehensive Quick Start Guide, which includes all the commands featured in the video tutorial. You can access the guide at . It serves as a handy reference for implementing AccelerateWP and ensuring successful execution.

Ready to supercharge your website performance? Take action today by enabling AccelerateWP on your server. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to Dennis via