Join us LATER TODAY for a LIVE PANEL on vSphere & vSAN 7 Update 2

Hey there! What’s a person like yourself doing around 11:30 AM Pacific today (Wednesday, March 17)? If you’re free you should swing over to the vSphere YouTube Channel and sit in on our live panel, wherein we will discuss a random selection of vSphere 7 and vSAN 7 Update 2 topics.

It’ll be Ken Werneburg who is a Director of Technical Marketing for vSphere (but formerly for vSAN), Pete Koehler who is a Staff Technical Marketing Architect for Storage & Availability, and me, Bob Plankers, a Senior Technical Marketing Architect for vSphere. We might have “Marketing” in our titles but don’t be fooled, we all come from deep & practical IT backgrounds, and have a lot of product knowledge between us, too. Ken is witty, Pete is funny, and I’m just going to ask them semi-provocative questions until they mute me.

No sign ups, no commitments, don’t have to give us your email. It’ll be a great time to ask us questions if you’ve got some. Please stop on over. 11:30 AM Pacific.