What’s New, Part 2, in vSphere 7 Update 2

It’s been a week since vSphere 7 Update 2 became available, and we continue to publish new information about it every day. Every update release to vSphere has new features. This one has about 20 big ones that we’ll talk about directly, about 90 medium-sized improvements or additions, and hundreds of small improvements and additions that are all aimed at making vSphere better.

vSphere Technical Marketing has been blogging a lot over on our new technical site, core.vmware.com! Let’s look at some of the new posts:

vSphere with Tanzu Private Registry Support

Myles takes us through the improved support in vSphere with Tanzu for using container registries that might be protected with internal corporate certificates.

Keeping up with K8s

We made a promise to vSphere with Tanzu customers that we would help them stay current with the upstream Kubernetes project.

Achieve Higher Degree of Time Synchronization Accuracy: Precision Time for Windows

vSphere 7 added support for Precision Time Protocol, and it’s even easier to use inside Windows guests now.

Bitfusion 3.0.0 Unleashed — Ignorance Is No Excuse This Month Because…Science

Bitfusion helps make GPUs more flexible, economical, and efficient, and there’s a great new release that’s part of vSphere 7 now.

vSphere’s Internal CDN System – VMware Tools Guest Store

VMware Tools can now work with vSphere to help manage files inside the guest in a secure and easy to use way.

Make ESXi Upgrades Faster with Suspend-to-Memory

There’s a new option for updating ESXi hosts: suspend the VMs to memory and restart the hypervisor. Niels takes us through it.

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