VMware Cloud Partner Navigator now live for all partners

At VMworld we announced VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, the unified platform for Cloud Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) designed to expand your business with simplified delivery of multi-cloud services.

Today, we are excited to announce the next phase of VMware Cloud Partner Navigator adoption by making the new platform available to all partners. Cloud Partner Navigator is the evolution of Cloud Provider Hub, maintaining the existing functionalities of the service while enabling new capabilities for providers and end customers. Now any partner can choose to upgrade their Cloud Provider Hub environment to Cloud Partner Navigator.

VMware Cloud Partner Navigator introduces new capabilities to help with multi-cloud business expansion, simplified operations, and enhanced customer flexibility.

Key features available today

  • Provider dashboard for quick status and health visibility across different clouds and services
  • Simplified operations with a single place to access IaaS and SaaS usage and billing
  • Common customer and provider identities for enhanced customer experience

In the short term, more features will be added, with a big focus on multi-cloud management and extending services to provider clouds along with today’s support for VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud Director service. Check back in to the blogs regularly for updates and in-depth feature overviews.

How to get access

All Cloud Provider Hub users are automatically enabled to access Cloud Partner Navigator. Once you login to the classic Cloud Provider Hub, you can switch over to the new Cloud Partner Navigator interface via your Organization Settings. You can configure this setting on a per-customer level.

Opt in to more previews

Cloud Partner Navigator will integrate with vCloud Usage Insight and the VMware Commerce Portal to give you a unified view of cloud consumption and billing. To activate this preview, e-mail the Cloud Partner Navigator team with your Organization ID.

Learn more

You can find more information on the product page on the VMware Cloud Solutions website, or by reading the Release notes and Documentation.

Provide feedback!

We are looking forward to your feedback. Leave a comment on this blog post, or e-mail the Cloud Partner Navigator team via navigator@vmware.com