Join us LIVE in a Few Hours to Talk SECURITY!

What are you doing at 1:30 PM Central today? Why don’t you join our YouTube LIVE Stream where Mike Foley, Ken Drori, and I (Bob Plankers) talk about the present state and future directions of VMware vSphere Security? Mike is old-school vSphere Security Technical Marketing who is now working with Kubernetes and vSphere with Tanzu, Ken Drori is our vSphere Security product manager, and I’m the current vSphere Security & Compliance technical marketing architect.

Bring questions and we’ll answer them live, and if there’s space between questions we’ve got some topics of our own (like those TPM attacks we’ve seen, recent events, and what people should be thinking about for hardening and securing their environments).

AND, if you’re reading this after 1:30 PM CST today, the recording will be available, too.

Come on over, no registration necessary, just show up and say hi!

vSphere Security Live Stream -- Present and Future