Terraform vCloud Director Provider v2.7.0 and Remote Work

Hi Everyone!

First release of the HashiCorp Terraform vCloud Director Provider of the year is out there – the 2.7.0!

First of all, allow me to open this message by wishing you all health and mentioning that we are (and have been) a fully remote team, working from our home offices. As those who follow us know, our development process mainly revolves around Pull Requests (code reviews) in two open-source GitHub projects. Please check them out if you’d like to learn the details, provide feedback or even contribute:



As such, we are committed to providing you with new features and capabilities.

2.7.0 Features

Importantly, this release holds the features asked by a wide range of our users. Here are the key ones:

  • Direct and routed vApp networks vcd_vapp_org_networkresource and data source and vcd_vapp_network.org_network_name parameter
  • VM disk management – vcd_vm_internal_diskresource, vcd_vapp_vm.override_template_disksection andvcd_vapp_vm.internal_diskattribute (for reads)
  • Support all VM guest customization options in vcd_vapp_vm.customization
  • Flex allocation model for Org VDC (vCD 9.7+) in vcd_org_vdc.allocation_modelwith new fields vcd_org_vdc.elasticity and vcd_org_vdc.include_vm_memory_overhead
  • Organization lease time policiesvcd_org.vapp_leaseand vcd_org.vapp_template_leasesections
  • Report IP assigned by DHCP of a created VM in vcd_vapp_vm.network[x].ip – use vcd_vapp_vm.network_dhcp_wait_secondswith ip_allocation_mode=DHCP
  • NIC adapter type for VM – vcd_vapp_vm.network[x].adapter_type

As usual, for a complete and detailed list of changes and fixes please see the changelog:


And, of course, the published documentation page too:


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By the way, there was an article in Cloud Provider space about VMware’s remote work software solutions. For example, our team is using Workspace ONE mentioned in that post:

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Next Steps

Finally, please give the latest 2.7.0 version a try. Do let us know your feedback and requests. As usual, see you in GitHub and Slack #vcd-terraform-dev channel (which you can join through VMware {code})! On our side, we’re heads down on the next 2.8.0 release.

The always remote Terraform vCloud Director Team