How Two Managed Cloud Service Providers Are Making the Software-Defined Data Center a Reality with VMware NSX

The typical Cloud Provider’s data center is highly virtualized and has software-enabled automation, which enables great workload mobility. The network side of this data center, however, has been lagging behind – there is minimal to no virtualization, network provisioning and configuration are frequently done manually, and end customers’ workloads continue to be tied to specific network locations and configurations.

Today, Cloud Providers across the globe realize that they need to make their networks agile and efficient to meet the challenges of exponential bandwidth demands while creating revenue streams with innovative services and new business models. The networking and security bundle for Cloud Providers from VMware, featuring VMware’s network virtualization software NSX, is here to solve that challenge. The main benefit? Cloud Providers can offer differentiated and cost-effective network solutions to their customers far faster, and more securely, than ever before.

VMware NSX enables Cloud Providers to create building blocks for their data centers that add additional networking and security capacity every time a new host is added. Of course, the ability to create entirely new virtual networks requires a high degree of security without decreasing speed and agility. That’s why VMware NSX provides a firewall at every single virtual machine – also known as micro-segmentation – while keeping throughput rates extremely high.

Given such a dynamic and scalable solution, we wanted to learn firsthand how some MSPs are putting it to use for their customers. We teamed up with Jason Bloomberg and Charles Araujo of Intellyx, an analysis and advisory firm focused on digital transformation. In partnership with VMware, and through interviews with innovative cloud providers Armor and Expedient, Intellyx produced a new whitepaper geared toward the provider market: Making the Software-Defined Data Center a Reality with VMware NSX, now available for download.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • How cloud computing and digital transformation are disrupting the traditional Cloud Provider landscape
  • Why NSX offers an innovative solution for Cloud Providers by bringing the benefits of virtualization to the entire network stack
  • How Armor and Expedient are increasing scale, security and self-service for themselves and their customers
  • The ways that NSX enables Cloud Providers to compete with public cloud alternatives

Interested in learning more about network virtualization and security? Click here to download the whitepaper, and don’t forget to join in the conversation on Twitter at @VMwareCloudPrvdr.