Usage Meter 4.1 now requires the Flex Pricing Model

VMware has made some changes to the the VMware Usage Meter 4.1 registration process in the new VMware Commerce Portal.

Usage Meter 4.1, the newest version of the metering tool, is based on an agent + service model. As a partner, you must deploy the appliance and then register it with an online service built into the VMware Commerce Portal. As part of the new registration process for using Usage Meter 4.1, partners are now required to first opt-in to the Flex Pricing Model (sometimes referred to as the “flex report mode”). If you are not familiar with the Flex Pricing Model then take a look at the overview blog here!

This requirement will also show up as an alert if you originally registered the appliance in Test Mode previously and then request to move it into Production Mode.

Partners have already transitioned to newer bundles are using bundles equivalent to the Flex Core, which means  the adoption of the Flex Pricing Model comes with no price increase.

Also, as part of the move to the latest Usage Meter architecture, we want to help partners take advantage of the new products coming to market. Those new products will only be available as Flex Model Add-Ons and their Usage Meter collectors will only be available on Usage Meter 4.1 and later. To enjoy the benefits that comes with the Flex Pricing Model of choosing just those products you want for the services you want to deliver, you will need to adopt Usage Meter 4.1.

So if you haven’t taken a look at the Flex Pricing Model yet, check it out in the Product Usage Guide, and we’re excited about the flexibility and choice that you can enjoy with Flex Pricing and the new Usage Meter 4.1.

Here are some resources to help: