vCloud Availability 3.0 – Lightboard Overviews

The team is excited to be releasing vCloud Availability 3.0 very shortly as this is a comprehensive approach to Disaster Recovery as a Service for our cloud service providers.

We wanted to provide some overview lightboards of this new version of vCloud Availability and what’s possible within this new solution set.

Introduction to vCloud Availability 3.0

In this lightboard, I review the vCloud Availability concept and functional value of this solution set.

vCloud Availability 3.0 Provider Setup

I review the high-level setup deployment process for a provider. This is a one-time operation and I walk through the different services that correspond with vCAv 3.0. One of the great things about vCAv 3.0 is the simplicity and scalability of deployment – this is packaged up into a single OVA that allows the provider administrator to deploy and scale with ease.

vCloud Availability 3.0 Tenant Setup

Last of all, this reviews the on-premises tenant setup within their vCenter environment. From here, the tenant would then be able to connect to the vCD and vCAv environment and migrate or protect workloads to the vCloud environment.

More to come as we release vCloud Availability 3.0 – thank you!