Sizing Virtual Machines for JVM workloads – Part 3

In today’s blog we would like to announce the that a new book, Enterprise Java Applications Architecture on VMware, has been released and is available from


Book Abstract

This book is the culmination of seven years of experience in running Java on VMware vSphere, both at VMware and at many VMware customer sites. In fact, many VMware customers run business critical enterprise Java applications on VMware vSphere and have achieved better TCO and SLAs. This book covers high level architecture and implementation details such as design and sizing, high-availability designs, automation of deployments, best practices, tuning, and troubleshooting techniques for enterprise Java applications on VMware.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Why Virtualize Enterprise Java Applications?
Chapter 3: Enterprise Java Applications on VMware
Chapter 4: Design and Sizing of Enterprise Java on VMware
Chapter 5: High-availability Designs of Enterprise Java
Chapter 6: Enterprise Java on VMware Best Practices
Chapter 7: UNIX-to-Linux Migration Considerations
Chapter 8: Run Effectively in Production
Chapter 9: Performance Study
Chapter 10: Application Modernization and vFabric
Chapter 11: Troubleshooting Primer
Chapter 12: FAQ – Enterprise Java Applications on vSphere

Target Audience

This book is targeted at IT professionals who are in search of implementation guidelines for running enterprise Java applications on VMware vSphere in production and QA/Test environments. The first three chapters provide CIOs, VPs, directors, and enterprise architects with key high-level business propositions for virtualizing enterprise Java applications. The remaining chapters are for developers and administrators who are interested in implementation details.

About the Author

Emad Benjamin has worked in the IT industry for the past twenty years. He graduated with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of Wollongong. Earlier in his career, he was a C++ software engineer, then in 1997, he switched to programming with Java and has been focusing on Java ever since. He has extensive software development experience with companies such as, Cisco, Oracle, Citadel, BHP Steel, and others. For the past seven years, his main focus has been Java on VMware vSphere. Emad is currently at VMware focusing on all aspects of Java virtualization. He has shared his experience and Java virtualization best practices at many conferences and workshops around the world. You can connect with Emad on LinkedIn.