VMware and DOAG German Oracle User Group – January 23th – 24th, 2020

The DOAG German Oracle User Group was founded in 1988. Since then, DOAG has been the network of the German-speaking Oracle community, encouraging the exchange of knowledge on Oracle’s products and helping users to meet their daily challenges.


VMware Workshop

VMware Experts Program, Oracle Branch and DOAG German Oracle User Group (DOAG) collaborated to offer a NOON2NOON “Oracle on VMware” workshop on January 23 – 24, 2020 at Munich. It was aimed at database administrators and developers as well as decision makers close to technology.

Martin Klier (Oracle ACE Director), Johannes Ahrends (Oracle ACE), Axel vom Stein were the key organizers for the NOON2NOON DOAG event. They are part of the VMware Experts Program, Oracle Branch.

This workshop was delivered by Sudhir Balasubramanian and Valentin Bondzio, VMware using the VMware world class lab “VSLAB” for creating and running all lab exercises.

The workshop started on Jan 23rd at 12 noon and ended on Jan 24th at 4pm. The attendees were subjected to core VMware concepts followed by intense hands on lab as part of this workshop.


VMware Solutions Lab

The VMware Solutions Labs, founded in 2016 has a charter to bring together the many Hardware, Software and Implementation partners in the greater VMware ecosystem in an externally accessible lab environment.

Constant requests for collaboration from VMware partners in all disciplines accentuated the need for a unique location and process to streamline the submissions, selection and subsequent creation of co-branded collateral including white papers and videos.

The solutions lab is located outside the VMware network and accessible via the Internet facilitating collaboration between VMware and partners in joint solutions.



Workshop Abstract

DOAG 2020 NOON2NOON, January 23 – 24, 2020, Munich


Oracle and VMware – Love at first sight?

At the practice oriented DOAG 2020 Noon2Noon from January 23rd to 24th in Munich, we offer you the opportunity to create under neutral expert guidance and thus get the most out of the database and the virtual environment.

We will have VMware Experts Sudhir Balasubramanian and Valentin Bondzio walk the attendees through core VMware concepts followed by intense hands on lab as part of this workshop.

The unusual format is an event delivered by technicians for technicians. It is aimed at database administrators and developers as well as decision makers close to technology. From 12 to 12 p.m., noon to noon, we reduce the slide battles to a minimum. Noon2Noon stands for fun: The setting and the program are relaxing, and the technology is up to date!


Even though there are always discussions about licensing or support from Oracle on VMware, it is a common liaison. Oracle database administrators are often forced to accept configurations from infrastructure peers that may be less than optimal for the database. The goal is to gain a deeper knowledge of Oracle databases running on VMware to help the infrastructure colleagues determine the optimal setup for the Guests. Of course, we will also address the topic of licensing.


After a short introduction to the day and a hearty lunch we will start with the topic of licensing or: “Prenuptial agreement or community of property?

After that, we’ll get down to business: First, we’ll look at vCenter and its components – don’t worry, we don’t want you to become a VMware expert – some background should be enough. Then we start with the setup.


In the evening, there will be networking with delicious food is on the agenda. During the exchange of experiences with our experts there are no stupid questions. Before the day is over, we’ll take a look at the snapshots section and how or if they are suitable for Oracle backups.


Fresh and lively we start the second day with the topic performance, or: “a working marriage” – you should pay attention to this, so that even after years the two components still work harmoniously together.

Although the event officially ends with lunch, our supervisors will be on site until at least 4 p.m. and will support you in everything you want to try out.


All Oracle on vSphere white papers including Oracle on VMware vSphere / VMware vSAN /  VMware Cloud on AWS , Best practices, Deployment guides, Workload characterization guide can be found in the url below :

Oracle on VMware Collateral – One Stop Shop



This blog was released by Sudhir Balasubramanian and Don Sullivan