Self Paced Cloud Provider Program Training

It is with real pleasure the VMware Cloud Provider Program is able to announce the launch of our new self-paced learning platform to our Cloud Providers and Aggregation partners called ‘WIRE’.

WIRE is an enablement platform that you can use to gain access to VMware product and solution enablement, providing sales level overviews (L100) to detailed technical enablement (L200+).

WIRE is free for everyone to use and doesn’t require a partner central account. You can set up an account in the platform directly – please include all your details so we can put you in the correct team to serve you the correct content.

To use WIRE please login initially via where you can use a partner central account if you have one, or create one directly in WIRE, (again please remember to fill in all your details!) Once logged in you will be placed into the “VCPP Solution Enablement Learning Path” where you can view all the solution areas and various technologies within.

Watch the orientation course first and change your password so you can log back into WIRE, then save the URL or use for future access.

You can track your progress of courses via the percentage completion status of the entire learning path and courses / modules within. Some modules in a course are marked as ‘optional’ and will not affect your completion status, these are typically the technical courses L200 and above.

When VMware Cloud Provider Program releases new versions of solutions we will provide new content and place this into WIRE, as a registered user you will be informed of the new content by an email from the system. This allowing you to keep as up to date as possible with new opportunity areas and solutions.

Another area to be aware of is the ‘Course library’ – (note; you will only have access to this once you are placed into a team, this may take a day or so for us to pick up anyone who is not automatically matched to a team). In the ‘Course library’ you section you can find product and solution learning path content that covers specific technologies if not already covered in the default ‘Solutions enablement learning path’.

That about covers it, we hope you enjoy the materials you will find in the learning path and course library and they help you on your cloud journey to deliver better solutions and managed services to your customers. If you have any questions or feedback, as usual please contact