Object Storage Services for vCloud Director with Cloudian

In this episode I’m joined by Jon Toor, CMO at Cloudian to discuss Object Storage, and their S3-compatible storage solutions for VMware vCloud Director. Cloudian Object Storage for VMware vCloud Director is a storage platform that lets VMware cloud providers and their tenant users deploy, manage and consume S3-compatible storage within their services environment.

For cloud providers, this opens the door to new service revenue streams in use cases such as data protection, big data, healthcare, media archives, video surveillance, and more. For their tenant customers, it delivers a best-in-class object storage service fully integrated and delivered through their preferred cloud management platform.

We look at some of the history of Cloudian and how they have developed their storage solutions to the fully integrated S3-compatible Object Storage for vCloud Director now available in the VCPP program.

If you are interested in more information after you have listened to the podcast, please head over to https://cloudian.com/vmware/ and view the videos or download and read the datasheet.

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