Introducing VMware Cloud Foundation for Cloud Providers

VMware Cloud Foundation is Now Available in VCPP!

In the spirit of VMworld and product announcements, we have some fantastic news to share! VMware Cloud Foundation for Cloud Providers is now available. This is the best VCPP product for Cloud Provider partners to build Dedicated Private Clouds. Offered in three bundles and priced per Physical Core, this solution combines VMware’s Software-Defined portfolio with HCX, the migration and hybrid cloud solution.

To see more information on pricing and metering, check out the Product Usage Guide on Partner Central.


From Zero to Software-Defined and Beyond

VMware Cloud Foundation brings together the entire suite of Software-Defined Data Center products (vSphere, NSX, vSAN). Using its automation platform called SDDC Manager, VMware Cloud Foundation deploys a standardized and validated architecture using SDDC products. That’s not all! SDDC Manager also provides lifecycle management for VMware Cloud Foundation so partners can upgrade and patch in a single click. This is truly the best solution for reducing Time-to-Value.

If you want to see it for yourself, take a look at VMware Cloud Foundation in the Hands-On-Lab!

Beyond Infrastructure Automation

Now, it’s one thing to build a Dedicated Private Cloud quickly, but how about onboarding customers? Enter VMware HCX Advanced. HCX is VMware’s premium solution for live migrating workloads and hybrid cloud connectivity. Partners can automatically bridge their Dedicated Private Clouds with the customers on-premises environment to migrate their workloads quickly and easily. HCX for all editions is only available in VCPP, and it provides a great way to go from Infrastructure Ready to Customer Onboarded in the shortest time possible.

Flexible Deployment Options

VMware Cloud Foundation deploys on top of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. This is part of the magic that makes deployments faster and easier. With so many vendors offering vSAN Ready Nodes as well as Dell’s VxRail platform, partners have plenty of options to choose from. The same goes for network, bring any network hardware and get up and running in no time at all.


Whole New Opportunities for Cloud Provider Businesses

VMware Cloud Provider Program was made so partners could build a business around multi-tenant hosting. The program aligned well with typical offerings like Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Servers, where partners wanted to get the most out of their physical resources.

With VMware Cloud Foundation for Cloud Providers, partners can offer the next level up in their hosting services portfolio. Automated SDDC deployments combined with fast and efficient migrations.


Partners looking to adopt VCF for Cloud Providers will need to do a 1-Week Professional Services Engagement for the initial deployment, after which they can automate the rest of their infrastructure deployments on their own.


Want to know more?

Look out for the new Product Usage Guide on Partner Central, Blogs, White papers and much more. If you are interested in adopting VMware Cloud Foundation for Cloud Providers, speak with your VMware contacts.