Java on VMware Best Practices

We are excited to announce the release of a paper detailing the best practices for deploying enterprise Java applications on VMware, including key considerations for architecture, performance, design and sizing, and high availability. This information should help the IT professionals to successfully deploy and run Java environments on VMware vSphere™.

More than 50% of enterprise applications are written in Java and were deployed in the last 5-25 years. Today, JVM deployment environments are thriving.  Typical enterprise Java application are multitiered and multi-organizational; therefore, a change in one tier often causes a ripple effect across all tiers. The decisions related to these changes affect multiple organizations of an enterprise.  A highly scalable and robust Java application has all of these tiers running in VMware vSphere in order to reach full benefits of scalability features offered by vSphere.

Multi-tier Virtualized Enterprise Java Application Architecture
Multi-tier Virtualized Enterprise Java Application Architecture

Architectural staff may utilize this document to gain an understanding of how a system works while the design and implementation of various components take place.  Engineers and Application Platform teams may also find this document useful as a catalog of technical capabilities. The following topics are covered:

  • Design and sizing of VMs,
  • Guest OS recommendations,
  • Fine tuning of CPU, memory, storage, networking,
  • Useful JVM (Java Virtual Machine) tuning parameters,
  • Various high availability features in vSphere ESXI host clusters,
  • Resource pools (horizontal scalability and vertical scalability),
  • VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS).

Download this paper, titled Best Practices for Enterprise Java Applications Running on VMware, for all the details.

About the Authors

Emad Benjamin has spent the past 25 years in various software engineering positions involving software development of application platforms and distributed systems for various industries such as finance, health, IT, and heavy industry – in various international locations. Emad is currently the Sr. Director and Chief Technologist of Application Platforms with Office of the CTO at VMware, focusing on building hybrid cloud distributed runtimes that are application aware.

Timur Mirzoev, Ph.D., is a Senior Technical VMware instructor and has several research publications. Timur has served as an SME for several projects worldwide. Additionally, Timur has trained thousands of people and has been recognized as an international speaker on many occasions.

This document would not have been possible without the help from Dan Linsley, Application Platform Architect, VMware Office of the CTO and Brett Guarino, VCDX, a Senior Technical Instructor at VMware.