VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.1 – new notification options

VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.1 comes with a set of enhancements to its notification capabilities – new UI menu, new notification channel, tenant access to their notifications settings, and more.

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General improvements

The first significant change related to notifications is the new menu where users can access them. It is no longer a submenu of the old Configuration menu but has its own menu called Events and Notifications. It simplifies the user experience, especially for tenants.

Figure 1 – The new notifications menu

In 4.1, as an extension to the known channels – Syslog and VMware Cloud Director™ events, users can also use eMail notifications. The SMTP settings are taken from VMware Cloud Director, and only the password is needed while setting up the eMail functionality in VMware Cloud Director Availability.

Another new thing is notification categorization. They are separated into four different event types, and each one can be enabled or disabled, which leads to receiving only the relevant events instead of everything.

Figure 2 – Provider view of the notification settings

Enhancements for tenants

VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.1 introduces one essential new feature for tenants – a new menu to configure their notification settings.

Thanks to the newly added categorization and eMail notification channel, tenants can now receive emails for any RPO violations and other replication errors.

Figure 3 – Tenant notification settings in the tenant portal

Changes for providers

New for providers is that together with their notifications settings, they can configure the tenant settings per organization.

Figure 4 – Provider view of the tenant notification settings

Also, they can control if the tenants have control over their settings or not.

Figure 5 – Replication policy settings for enabling/disabling the user edit capabilities

Providers can utilize the eMail channel for system-related events. Instead of continually checking the Syslog or VMware Cloud Director consoles, they can now receive new eMails for connectivity issues, certificate expirations, pairing problems, and more.

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