Cloudspot podcast focus on vCloud Availability for Disaster Recovery

vCloud Availability Disaster Recovery

Please welcome Daniel Paluszek a Staff Solutions Engineer to talk about our newest release of vCloud Availability. Why is this release so special? Well, this is the converged solution architecture for our disaster recovery solution – exceeding all past architectures and capabilities into a very simple to deploy, simple to configure and use, disaster recovery (DR) solution for your vCloud Director tenants!

Daniel is a vCloud Availability expert who has done a lot of enablement for partners in vCloud Availability and he has a lot of exposure in provider DR solutions. You can view the playlist of Daniel’s vCloud Availability light boards on the YouTube channel

We discuss DR in the marketplace today, the fit for vCloud Availability in the market and how the customer is presented the DR offering. vCloud Availability provides cloud to cloud DR (vCloud Director virtual data center to virtual data center) and from a customer vCenter to a vCloud Director virtual data center, all in self service! Do you know the differences between cold and warm migration? Did you know vCloud Availability can be used or migration as well as protection? Learn about this use case and others on the podcast.

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