VMworld Rewind #4: Understanding Cloud Availability

Welcome to the VMworld Rewind blog series for cloud partners. We’re here to make sure you didn’t miss any of the key highlights from VMworld 2020 and are fully aware of the latest innovations from VMware. In part 4 of the series, we recap how you can provide business continuity services to your customers using our simple, secure and fast Disaster Recovery (DR) solution; VMware Cloud Director Availability.

VMware Cloud Director service is a vSphere to vSphere, on premises to Cloud (VMware Cloud Director) or Cloud to Cloud disaster recovery and migration solution. It is the perfect partner for vSphere-based customers, with simple deployment and configuration and low risk DR and migration to a vSphere-based VMware Cloud Director platform. With almost 50% of adults working from home in some countries*, demand for cloud, and therefore cloud-to-cloud DR, is at a high.

Customers need an easy solution for self-service DR, where they can decide on the level of protection for their workloads, they can run tests when and if they choose and they don’t need to learn additional tools or different solutions. Unfortunately, most DR solutions are complex, resulting in many businesses being under-prepared for serious disruption: just 48% have an up-to date Disaster Recovery plan**.

As a Service Provider, you need control and insight into the DR services you offer. Like easy metering of tenants who have varied tiers of their DR solution, so you can extract the right information for accurate billing. Or the convenience of managing a DRaaS solution that’s a simple plugin to VMware Cloud Director – a big plus when compared to the time and cost of managing multiple operational systems to provide a DRaaS service. Cloud Director Availability provides all of these and much more. As a mature product protecting 1000’s of workloads globally and deployed by hundreds of providers, Cloud Director Availability is the perfect answer for a VMware Cloud Director partner to deliver self-service DRaaS or DR managed services.

Of course, developing a DRaaS offering is more than just product, it involves Go-To-Market, product design, personalization of offerings etc. That’s why we are sharing key sessions, demos, and other resources to prepare you for a new Disaster Recovery offering, one that your customers can easily use, safely protect themselves and drive your platform consumption.

VMware Cloud Director Availability – The Natural Choice at the Right Time

Cloud Director Availability version 4 and beyond is a highly capable DRaaS offering integrated into our VMware Cloud Director platform that drives 100’s of 1000’s of cloud workloads globally and is used by over 1000 service providers. Customers want a solution from a service provider that is simple to use, simple to plan for and pay for and works without risk. Cloud Director and Cloud Director Availability are a natural choice together, providing workloads, applications, networks, storage, security and protection together in an integrated solution.

If you missed these, here are a few key resources / sessions and demos to check out:

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

Now is the time to act. Traditional DR solutions are operationally expensive and not typically an integrated solution. If you are looking for a fast onboarding solution to your cloud, or expanding into a DR service portfolio, or replacing existing DR tooling, have a look at VMware Cloud Director Availability and see what it can do for your business.