Benefit 6: Monster App Scalability with vSphere 5

This post is part of the 7-part series Seven Top Benefits of Virtualizing Business Critical Applications.

VMware supports running Monster VMs. Application performance is based on four infrastructure measures. Today, virtual machines on vSphere 5 can scale to 32 vCPUs, 1TB of memory, 36GB/s network, and 1 million storage IOPS.

These advances in performance are charted in Figure 13. And what they mean for you is that resource-intensive applications perform very well on vSphere. In fact, we have measured the resource requirements of more than 700,000 production applications running on x86 servers. vSphere is able to support more than 99 percent of those applications (Source: VMware Capacity Planner™ assessments).

In the below figure you can see that vSphere 5 Is ready for the most demanding applications.

vSphere is also improving its performance per operation in core areas, such as vMotion. For example, vSphere 5 decreased vMotion duration by 44 percent from vSphere 4.1. This benefits application owners by providing vMotion without downtime or delay.

See below Duration of vMotion on vSphere 4.1 and vSphere 5, for Single and Multiple Exhange Server Deployments (Source: VMware vSphere vMotion Architecture, Performance and Best Practices in VMware vSphere 5.)

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