Cloud Providers: Protect and Migrate Workloads to Your Cloud With Confidence After You Join Our Nov. 28 and Dec. 4 Webinar

Demand for Cloud Providers, and the capabilities they enable, are sky-high these days. One might even say they reach the clouds. The only way to stand out from the pack and maintain growth well into the future is to deliver great service now and maintain a superior reputation amongst customers.

That means nailing the basics today. Cloud Providers should be able to protect, migrate and maintain workloads for prospective customers.
To that end, we’re offering a special webinar, “Protect and Migrate Workloads to your Cloud,” to our VMware Cloud Provider partners. We believe this topic is so important, in fact, that we’re hosting twice. The first webinar will be on Nov. 28 for AMER and EMEA markets. The second will take place on Dec. 4 for APJ markets. Feel free to join either.
During this webinar, your organization will learn how to:

    • Assess data centers, migrate and secure workloads and monitor client environments
    • Discover and leverage Capex and Opex cost efficiencies in your managed service business
    • Deliver better customer experience with value-added services

And a lot more! It’s a great opportunity to learn how you can better position your business in an increasingly competitive market.
So, register today for either Nov. 28 or Dec. 4 to learn more about how you can accelerate your customer’s journey to the cloud and accelerate your organization’s growth.
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