NSX Pooling Manages Multiple Data Centers with Ease

It’s not out of the ordinary that a single company may have multiple data centers spread across the globe. Having several locations to store company data is often a necessary step in enterprise growth, ensuring redundancies in the event of disaster or outage. But moving workloads efficiently between data centers is the stuff of IT nightmares.

Fortunately, VMware’s NSX platform is able to extend easily across datacenters regardless of location or distance. Through multi data center pooling, NSX virtualization provides enterprises with a streamlined management solution providing easy workload migration, added redundancies, and ensured workload continuity.

Additionally, NSX provides users with several options to deploy multi data center pooling including: stretched cluster, separate clusters, cross-VC NSX, and Layer 2 VPN. The solution that is best for your enterprise will depend upon a number of factors such as the distance between data centers, workload characteristics, and latency requirements.

For details on which implementation strategy is best for your company, we encourage you to consult the whitepaper, “Multi Data Center Pooling With NSX.” There you can find details on the technical requirements of each deployment strategy and their respective capabilities.

With multi data center pooling from VMware’s NSX, service providers can easily build networking capabilities that span several data centers enhancing current offerings and ultimately grow revenue.

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