Pivotal Container Service in Cloud Provider Program

VMware announced a partnership with Pivotal to bring Kubernetes container framework services to its customers. VMware & Pivotal will co-develop, sell and support enterprise Kubernetes solution on-premises (vSphere/VCF), on VMC (VMW Cloud on AWS). The foundational building blocks of this offering will be Kubo and NSX-T. Other VMware integrations will include vROps, Wavefront, vRNI and vRLI. PKS will be made available as a stand-alone product and as an on-demand service within Pivotal Cloud Foundry. PKS will also be carried by Dell-EMC and brought to market through the VX-Rail and VX-Rack programs.

Production Ready and Simple for Developer


You can in your private cloud setup PKS which leverages Kubernetes from Google, BOSH from Pivotal and SDDC stack from VMware.


What it means for Cloud Provider Program

Partners in the Cloud Provider Program will be able use VMware PKS when it is generally available to offer container services to their customers.

PKS integration with vCD

PKS will interoperate with and will be certified to run on vCD. PKS on vCD enables cloud providers to offer PKS in addition to their existing infrastructure and managed service offerings. With PKS for vCD cloud providers will be able to support both VMs and containers on the same infrastructure concurrently. Some tenants of the cloud provider may continue to exclusively use VMs, others may use both VMs and containers and yet others only containers – all on the same underlying vCD managed infrastructure. Having NSX-T deployed is not a requirement to offer PKS on vCD at the moment.


PKS on vCD enables CSPs to manage lifecycle of K8s clusters with a production grade stack. K8s cluster nodes are vCD managed VMs. Tenant & providers are authenticated and authorized by vCD. Metering container consumption is per tenant. Providers may offer a self-serviced container service or a managed container service.


CSPs may upsell infra with a K8s container service with no change to existing vSphere or vCD. This unlocks new dev-test architecture use cases and workflows that tenants demand. It enables modern 12-factor app development for tenant’s strategic TTM and scalability advantages.

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