Fujitsu and VMware Extend Global Partnership to Empower Organizations’ Digital Transformations

We’re excited to announce that Fujitsu and VMware’s global partnership around cloud solutions is extending even further, with one goal in mind: accelerating the enterprise customer’s journey to the hybrid cloud.

Leveraging the hybrid cloud is crucial for the digital transformation efforts of enterprises. Fujitsu and VMware’s expansion of their partnership looks to bolster digital transformation for enterprises. Beginning in Q4 of Fujitsu’s fiscal 2017 (January – March 2018), the leading Japanese information and communication technology company plans to deliver VMware cloud solutions as a service on their own global cloud platform: Fujitsu Cloud Service K5. The two companies recently announced the expansion of solutions coverage to include VMware Cloud Foundation delivered as a service as well.

“Fujitsu and VMware share a common vision for accelerating digital transformations for our mutual customers,” Senior Vice President, Cloud Provider Software Business Unit at VMware, Ajay Patel said in a press release. “This collaboration with Fujitsu has been very successful, and we’re pleased to expand our relationship so organizations will be able to quickly deploy VMware software-defined solutions to Fujitsu K5 Cloud.”

So, what’s the scoop on these cloud platforms, you ask? Let’s briefly break each of them down.

  • Fujitsu Cloud Service K5: Currently deployed in nine regions, K5 combines Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings for Fujitsu enterprise customers. This offers them a range of service options and deployment nodes, including Public Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, Dedicated Cloud Hosted at Fujitsu and Dedicated Cloud Hosted at the Customer Site.
  • VMware Cloud Foundation: A next-generation cloud infrastructure platform providing a complete set of software-defined compute (VMware vSphere), storage (VMware vSAN), network and security services (VMware NSX) into a single, integrated stack. This offers VMware enterprise customers ease of use, thanks to the built-in lifecycle management automation (VMware SDDC Manager), and functionality with traditional and cloud-native applications.

If you thought digital transformation for your enterprise was just pie in the sky, Fujitsu and VMware’s collaboration sets out to prove just how attainable it can be. The expansion of this partnership addresses the demand for the extension of on-premises resources to the public cloud using VMware’s virtualization technology head on.

Fujitsu and VMware are also looking to create hybrid environments that combine on-premise data centers with the public cloud, empowering customers using VMware software on-premises to form optimal hybrid environments centered on Fujitsu K5 while limiting the risks associated with changes in system environments.

“Customers will be able to migrate their on-premises VMware environment to cloud services quickly with minimal risk, while reducing costs,” Masahiro Ota, Head of the Digital Business Platform Unit, Fujitsu Limited, said. “I believe that customers can add value to their business by converting cloud applications into native cloud services as necessary, or making them more sophisticated by combining them with other cloud services.”

As the cherry on top, Fujitsu will offer services that support customers using VMware virtualization technology in everything from validating a system environment to migrating their systems to K5. Mutual customers can also use Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX to rapidly create seamless hybrid environments combining the private cloud using VMware virtualization technology with the public cloud.

Thanks to this dynamic partnership between Fujitsu and VMware, the forecast for enterprises is looking cloudy with a 100 percent chance of digital transformation.

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