E-Tailer Frank and Oak Explain Why They Use OVH Powered by VMware

In 2010, we partnered with the French cloud computing company OVH. The goal of our partnership was to “build a hybrid cloud-ready Infrastructure as a Service Solution.” Infrastructure as a Service, also known as IaaS, simplifies infrastructure development. This simplification makes it easier for OVH customers to apply OVH cloud solutions, such as with the OVH Private Cloud.

The OVH Private Cloud, driven by VMware, has “the power of dedicated hardware [and] the flexibility of the Cloud.” Using the vSphere interface, the OVH Private Cloud enables OVH customers “to use their own dedicated infrastructure.” This infrastructure grants the user full ownership of their private network. The OVH Private Cloud gives clients the flexibility to host “different types of products, including websites, e-commerce, ERP, SaaS solutions and business applications.”

By running their own dedicated infrastructure, OVH’s clients are given the freedom to focus on other areas of their business. Frank and Oak, an online retailer and OVH client, learned quickly that to scale their business, they needed better cloud management. By switching to OVH, they did exactly that.

 Frank and Oak Harness Cloud Power

Using the OVH Private Cloud powered by VMware, Frank and Oak have re-invented the ecommerce experience. The e-tailer’s vision was simple: to help their customer dress well, at an affordable price. Check. Their next task was go global. “You want to make sure that, as you grow, the quality of your experience does not decrease,” said CEO and Co-Founder Ethan Song. To keep up with web traffic and satisfy orders, Frank and Oak needed a cloud computing solution that would support their growing company.

By controlling their infrastructure, the e-tailer could meet their work goals. In 2012, Frank and Oak signed up for OVH’s Private Cloud. OVH’s virtualized cloud solutions cut down the time Frank and Oak would have spent developing their infrastructure. This gave the company time to focus on their product. Today, Frank and Oak has expanded their offerings to include men’s and women’s ware. The OVH Private Cloud powered by VMware has given them the tools to expand without sacrificing time, security or finances.

At VMware, we take pride in building strong partnerships. And like us, our partners take pride in the relationships they build with their customers. OVH is clearly no exception.

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