Building Better Partnerships at the vCAN Roadshow

We host the vCloud Air Network Roadshow so our partners can stay abreast of the latest product developments in cloud technology. Recently, we held a series of events across Europe and Asia for our cloud provider partners so they can get hand-on training in our latest software solutions. We also happened to visit some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

At these events, partners meet with our product and vCloud Air Network teams to discuss new releases and customer case studies. Between information sessions and talks we shared meals and took delight in insightful conversations among partners. On the final day of the Roadshow, we convened over drinks and hors d’oeuvres for a giveaway drawing.

The Roadshow gave us the opportunity to visit our partners in the cities where they work and play. Each city — Miami, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne — has its own unique culture and landscape, but they all have one thing in common: hardworking vCloud Air Network cloud providers!

Here’s a look through at a few of the Roadshow events we have hosted so far:


VMware Technologist David Hill addresses Dutch service providers on the value of network virtualization.

Partners settling down to enjoy a drink at the rooftop bar after the closing presentation.

Hong Kong

Keynote speaker Dan Gallivan, Senior Director of Global Cloud Practice, smiles for the camera before giving his presentation to our Hong Kong partners.

Cloud partners attending the Roadshow listen to Dan Gallivan discuss cloud solutions.


Our partners discuss how they will implement VMware’s new cloud solutions over drinks.

Here’s to developing better cloud technology with our global partners!

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