Announcing Availability of VxRail by VMware and Dell EMC Through VMware vCloud® Air™ Network Program

Together, with Dell EMC, we’re excited to announce the availability of VxRail – the industry’s broadest HCI Appliance portfolio – through the VMware vCloud® Air™ Network program. This exclusive partnership brings to market the ultimate appliance delivering virtualization, compute, storage, and data protection in an agile, scalable, easy to manage SDDC building block. Luckily for existing customers, VxRail has deep integration with VMware virtualization – VMware vSAN is integrated at the kernel level and managed with vSphere.  Ready for the best part yet, Service Providers? You can receive the VMware software titles on a monthly usage basis through the VMware vCloud® Air™ Network program.

Why choose VxRail? The primary value starts with CAPEX reduction – you can make a smaller initial investment as opposed to traditional infrastructure where you “build it yourself.” And with an accelerated time-to-value, you can have VMs up and running within minutes once the appliance is racked, cabled, and powered on.  An appliance type experience delivers rapid deployment and expansion, as well as automated lifecycle management.

The VxRail Manager has automated over 200 of the configuration tasks and workflows and the appliance delivers high availability through vSphere resiliency and non-disruptive patch and upgrade processes that are automated by the VxRail Manager. VxRail appliances are also highly configurable and scalable, offering a broad set of options at a variety of price and scale points. Multiple configurations, single node scaling, and storage capacity expansion mean you can buy only what you need. That’s right, start small and scale on demand. It’s fully pre-configured and hyper-converged infrastructure allows you to easily simplify and extend your existing VMware environments with little downtime.Service Providers are already benefitting greatly from VxRail. In fact, we’ve seen great success across a wide range of use cases. The most common Service Provider use cases are leveraging VxRail to deploy managed, virtual private clouds, either on-premises or in the service provider data center to deliver managed services.  Service Providers are also using VxRail for hosted disaster recovery, or as back-end infrastructure to support their public cloud services.  Because VxRail is based on vSAN, it is also ideal for Tier-1 business critical applications.

VxRail is also certified for interoperability with VMware vCloud Director, allowing the VxRail appliance to be managed as part of a vCloud Director resource pool, either on-premises or in the service provider’s data center. Service Providers can deploy the VxRail appliance on-premises in a customer’s environment where the end-customer prefers locally hosted data for low latency applications and still manage those local resources using vCloud Director, while utilizing VxRail to dynamically move locally hosted workloads or to dynamically failover those locally hosted resources to the service provider’s data center.

To summarize, VxRail’s efficiency lies in its tight integration of vSAN and vSphere, and the capabilities vSAN brings. It offers broad flexibility with configurations for any use case, the ability to start small and grow, and includes data protection. Keep your VMware tools, keep your vSphere licenses, and leverage vCenter and the full VMware ecosystem.

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