Simple, Secure Migration and Data Center Extension with vCloud Director Extender

As enterprise needs escalate and heightened competition challenges Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to deliver differentiated offerings, CSPs need new ways to increase efficiency and drive revenue. At the same time, CSPs are challenged to support customer migrations to the cloud, with Gartner predicting that by 2020, 90% of organizations will adopt hybrid cloud infrastructure management capabilities.

vCloud Director Extender (vCD Extender) removes the barriers associated with workload migrations so CSPs can quickly on-board customers and monetize networking services. This enables faster time to revenue for CSPs and simplified cloud consumption for tenants. vCD Extender is easy to use, high performance, and provides flexible migration options while enabling a hybrid cloud between a tenant’s data center and their cloud provider.

Increase efficiency, easily on-board tenants

CSPs can realize significant efficiency gains by empowering tenants to perform ad hoc migration of workloads with vCD Extender.  vCD Extender makes it easy for tenants to migrate their own workloads with a user-friendly UI integrated in on-prem vCenter as a vCenter plug-in, giving users the ability to orchestrate migration and L2 extension. The simple, free vCenter plugin allows VMware customers to connect directly to their Cloud Provider’s vCloud Director environment for workload migration and L2 extension without requiring NSX on-premises. A standalone UI wizard is also provided to administrators for initial setup.

Simply, seamlessly, and securely migrate workloads

To maximize flexibility for tenants, vCD Extender lets users migrate several VMs in a single task, schedule a future job, or power on the VMs after cutover. With the ability to perform warm or cold migrations, vCD Extender supports the transfer of VMDK files to cut over to the target VMs immediately, or can start continuous file synchronization while the VMs stay powered on. For warm migrations, the user triggers the cutover when the final delta sync is sent and the source VMs are powered down.

A dashboard for migration health, tunnel status and throughput gives CSPs the ability to monitor migration status and progress per VM and per job to help ensure performance and tenant satisfaction.

vCD Extender is the simplest and most cost-effective solution for vSphere migrations, giving CSPs the ability to rapidly on-board customers, enable self-service with tenant-driven workflows to maximize efficiency, and quickly monetize new services while managing across private and public clouds with vCloud Director.

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