Instem Brings Life-Changing Products to Market Faster with VMware and Datapipe

Instem is a global life sciences IT company. This puts them in the unique position that they need to meet strict compliance standards while being able to scale as needed. When looking for a cloud partner that allowed them to do all that and more, Instem turned to Datapipe and the VMware vCloud® Air™ Network.

Every day, Instem helps over 500 companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and agro-chemical industry to deliver products to market that enhance people’s lives every day. They help people to live longer, to live better, and to be able to do things that they normally wouldn’t have been able to do. In short, these products are having a significant, positive impact on the world.

When Instem needed to grow, they had to be careful in choosing their cloud partner. Working with the industries that they do, compliance and security are extremely important. Also, given that they are global, this importance becomes double; the compliance has to be internationally recognized and globally applied by the cloud partner. Instem also needed a partner that would grow with them.

With Datapipe and VMware, Instem was able to very quickly scale up. They went from just hundreds of users to thousands. In the video, Erik McMaster, the global hosting manager at Instem, shares his experience:

“Datapipe being a member of the VMware vCloud Air Network, gave it some of the compliances necessary to meet our customer’s needs like PCI and HIPAA capabilities. Through the combination of Datapipe and VMware, we are significantly impacting millions of lives every day.”

Today, Instem works with some of the biggest R&D companies across the globe. With Datapipe and VMware, they are able to meet these customers’ needs securely, compliantly, and at scale. To learn more about Instem’s journey to the cloud, watch the video below and be sure to stop by to see how vCloud Air Network Partners can help you on your journey.