Weekly Newsletter – Issue 59

* News about Mint

mintInstall 5 was released in Romeo  (the unstable branch of our repositories)

Clem states in the announcement for mintInstall that the Elyssa KDE CE should be released anytime now.

* News about Linux

Security alert:

Adobe Flash ads launching clipboard hijack attack – this works on Windows, Mac and Linux

Better MSN support in Pidgin

Linux popularity across the globe

The final release of Zenwalk Linux 5.2 “GNOME” edition

MEPIS released of antiX MEPIS 7.5 designed to run on computers with older or limited hardware

At approximately the same time as our server was hacked Red Hat / Fedora experienced a more severe intrusion

Link for Fedora (this is the message from Fedora published by IDG.se – the best link I found).

This is now resolved but some packages were signed by the intruder

Microsoft to pay Novell $100 mln more for Linux support

openSUSE to Add SELinux Basic Enablement in 11.1

10 Most Beautiful Plasma Themes for KDE 4 Desktop – more beautiful than Mint KDE 🙂 ?  (Mint still don’t use KDE 4)

* News about IT

SecondLife rolls out Mono-powered servers

Thousands of UK file-sharers face legal action

Comcast to “throttle down” “bandwidth hogs”

UK.gov to spend hundreds of millions on “snooping silo”. This is very similar to a controversial  Swedish act.

A rather technical article on security when you log in to your bank, for those who want a deep background. More here – about PCI-DSS

A growing list of name-brand websites are accused of exposing its readers to dangerous ads.

OSU Open Source Lab gets $300,000 from Google

US presidential candidate John McCain is a pirate

As a result of some skilful phishing 1.5m spam emails  was sent from compromised University accounts

Scammers replace credit card readers in Irish stores

Groups urge states to tackle more cybercrime

* Hardware news

IBM and AMD first at 22 nm, challenge Intel’s manufacturing lead

Intel shows off solid-state drive road maps

Security flaw in Nokia cell phones – did they pay to get the information?
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