Weekly Newsletter – Issue 58

* News about Mint

Our server was hacked with downtime as a consequence. This was by a “bot” that scanned the net for vulnerabilities. We have now sealed the hole that made this SQL injection possible. We thank all that alerted us to what happened.

The 64 bit edition is advancing

I had hoped that a new beta (even final) of the XFCE edition would have been released. We are still plagued by an odd problem with log in/out so ….

* News about Linux

Canonical joins the Linux Foundation

Xandros acquired Linspire – now Linspire is no more

Dell’s “eee-killer” to have Ubuntu

Linus Torvalds fed up with “the security circus”

* News about IT

Dutch police and the FBI stops large botnet

Gmail and Google apps have crashed several times in the las week or so

Google has released Keyczar, billed as a “Toolkit for safe and simple cryptography”, under an Apache 2.0 open source license.

Important ruling in court in favour of open source

Loss of customer data spurs closure of online storage service ‘The Linkup’

Rat brained robots

Spam down 40% in second quarter of 2008 (Unfortunately only a swedish link – I can’t find the english link)

* Hardware news

AMD offers Linux drivers for new Radeon HD 4870 X2 at the same time the card is released

VIA quits motherboard chipset business

Materials that can make things invisible developed. Could improve computer hardware

A cheap way to replace copper in existing cables

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