CloudLinux 8.8 release

CloudLinux OS 8.8

We are pleased to announce that a new CloudLinux OS 8.8 is now available. Since AlmaLinux OS announced new version availability, CloudLinux team is happy to test it and set up a gradual rollout for all our customers. 

ETA for full rollout: June 10, 2023.

Version 8.8 strengthens the open cloud‘s foundation, making it more stable and secure. It allows for faster delivery of workloads, apps, and services across multiple environments with less effort. Updates include improved security management, updated application streams, and enhanced automation capabilities for systems and containers.

You can read more about this release by checking out the AlmaLinux OS Release Notes.


The kernel is updated to version 4.18.0-477.10.1.lve.el8.x86_64 to match RHEL 8.8

LVE kernel module is updated to version 2.0-50

Updated module streams:

  • Python 3.11
  • nginx 1.22
  • PostgreSQL 15

How to upgrade

We’ve started a gradual rollout of the updated cloudlinux-release package that brings necessary repo updates for 8.8.

Please, follow these steps to upgrade CloudLinux 8.7 to 8.8 manually:

1. Update cloudlinux-release package from rollout slot:

# dnf --enablerepo=cloudlinux-rollout-1-bypass install cloudlinux-release

2. Do system upgrade:

# dnf update