Weekly Newsletter – Issue 57

* News about Mint

mintUpdate 3 released!

Even 3.2 has been released. Quite a few new features, including better proxy  support.

Distrowatch donates $400 to Linux Mint

Work is going on on the final versions (hopefully) 🙂 of  the KDE and XFCE editions. There are only a few problems left to solve, but they seem reluctant to disappear

* News about Linux

IBM, Canonical/Ubuntu, Novell, Red Hat to Deliver Microsoft-Free Desktops Worldwide An alliance has formed

IBM Contributes Key Open-Source Code for Linux Supercomputers

KDE 4 update  Any similarity in that topic with slashdot is probably no coincidence 🙂

Ubuntu goes enterprise

VMware joins Linux Foundation

Google more and more involved in Linux

Reiser4 Update

* News about IT

German hackers poke hole in great firewall of China

Hackers steal 40 million credit card numbers

‘Fakeproof’ e-passport is cloned in minutes

Vista’s Security Rendered Completely Useless by New Exploit

* Hardware news

AMD ditches Close-To-Metal, focuses on DX11 and OpenCL

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