Weekly Newsletter – Issue 56

* News about Mint

Finally the Elyssa KDE CE edition beta 045 was released

Some news about Mint editions

* News about Linux

The number of computers sold with Linux preinstalled  raises sharply in the UK

A better ATI open driver to appear

Launchpad 2 released

The 2.6.27 merge window closes – we can look forward to almost every webcam working

Jack Keane game shipping for Linux

10 good habits that improve your UNIX® command line efficiency

I stumbled upon TuxSoftware.com which has a selection of Linux software delivered by the Linux Software Installer which is based on mintInstall. This may have been mentioned in the newsletter before but it can’t hurt mentioning it again

* News about IT

Microsoft’s plans for post-Windows OS revealed

Much of the sale of Windows Vista is really Windows XP 

Novell developers make their own Open Office – go-oo

2008 Best of Open Source Software Awards

British police shame 999 time wasters on YouTube

Travelers’ Laptops May Be Detained At US Border No Suspicion Required Under DHS Policies

Thailand bans Grand Theft Auto IV – I think it should be totally banned – I can’t see why promoting steeling cars and killing the drivers  should be allowed even in a game – but that’s my personal view / Husse

Online threats materializing faster, study shows

FBI Warns of Storm Worm Virus

The hacking exploit Neosploit is “euthanized” – distributors citing support costs that didn’t justify the expense.

* Hardware news

New Version of IEEE 1394™ Standard Approved

A $10 high-resolution, lens-free microscope fits on a dime-size chip.

Foxconn sabotaging Linux – the BIOS in mother boards is crap for Linux
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* More about Linux Mint

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