CloudLinux OS 9: The Experimental cPanel Integration available for testing

CL_CloudLinux OS 9 + cPanel_V1 copyIt has been a while since we initially launched CloudLinux OS 9 for non-panel and custom panel installations. Today, we are taking a step forward by introducing the experimental release of CloudLinux OS 9, now featuring control panel support.

As we embark on this journey of new versions and enhancements, we’re kicking off with cPanel integration. 

Experimental release: What is that and why We’re Doing This

As technology enthusiasts, we firmly believe in the value of sharing our initial outcomes with like-minded individuals. By unveiling our initial progress to you – the driving force behind our product improvement – we aim to leverage your expertise. This is why we are excited to provide you with an exclusive preview at the earliest opportunity.

Should you have an interest in testing new product iterations and contributing feedback, our team is enthusiastic about receiving your input. Your insights will play a pivotal role in shaping the forthcoming Beta and Stable releases of CloudLinux OS 9.

Getting Started: The Path to Successful Testing

Now let’s dive into what you need to know and do to conduct successful tests with the experimental CloudLinux OS 9 cPanel integration.

Installation can be done in the following ways:

☝️Note: this parameter is for use only in experimental mode. In the next beta / stable releases it will be changed: --experimental-os=almalinux-9.2

For the customers that are using AlmaLinux OS 9.2 with cPanel.

Execute following commands on your server with AlmaLinux OS 9.2.

1. To install cPanel run:

cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest --experimental-os=almalinux-9.2

2. To get ‘cldeploy’ script run:


sh cldeploy -k <license key>

3. Reboot your server

For the customers that are using CloudLinux 9.2

Execute following command on your server with CloudLinux OS 9.2 without panel to install cPanel:

cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest --experimental-os=almalinux-9.2

Limitations for experimental release

While we’re venturing into new realms, it’s important to note that the experimental release might have its limitations. These limitations could include:

  1. For current experimental release there are no ISO images available with CloudLinux OS 9.2 and cPanel
  2. The CRIU for Mod_lsapi is temporarily disabled on CloudLinux OS 9.2
Use CloudLinux OS documentation for more information on particular features, and stay tuned for updates. Share your feedback, and let’s make CloudLinux OS 9 the best it can be.