Container Service Extension Install and Configuration Guide is available for VMware Cloud Director Service and VMware Cloud Director

VMware Cloud Director and Container Service Extension (CSE) is the go-to extension in developer-ready cloud offerings for the VMware cloud director family to deploy Kubernetes clusters. CSE version 3.0.1 enhancements offer support to use MQTT as a communication channel. With this, it is now possible to use the CSE extension with the Cloud Director service. Provider admin can install CSE server and install UI plugin to provide Kubernetes as service to its tenants.

Are you interested in deploying Kubernetes clusters on the Cloud Director service? The detailed step-by-step deployment guide is available for providers to enable CSE 3.0.1 with Cloud Director Service and VMware Cloud Director. This deployment guide is intended for cloud provider administrators interested in allowing their tenants with Container deployment capabilities through CSE. The deployment guide describes how to enable CSE service on the provider portal, configure the CSE server, and prepare and onboard the tenant organization.

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