Drive Oracle Performance and Scalability with vSphere, vSAN, and VMware Cloud on AWS

Oracle on VMwareRunning business-critical Oracle applications on VMware on premises or in the cloud helps organizations maximize resources without compromising application performance and scale dynamically to meet service level commitments. Virtualization also helps IT teams improve manageability, increase agility, and shed costs—and all while serving as a foundation for cloud computing. With a streamlined VMware foundation, IT and application administrators can better leverage storage, network and computing resources to control costs, deliver higher quality of service, accelerate time to market and respond faster to changing business needs.  VMware customers also have the assurance of full support from Oracle when running these applications in any VMware virtualization environment, as detailed in Oracle Cloud VMware Solution – A New beginning of a Strategic relationship.

Oracle on vSphere

Databases are typically among the most provisioned applications in the data center. With vSphere virtualization, Oracle database infrastructure can be significantly consolidated and its performance significantly increased.  VMware vSphere 6.7 introduced key technologies that make it the best performing platform for Oracle applications. New features such as support for Persistent Memory (PMEM) and enhanced support for Remote Directory Memory Access (RDMA) significantly accelerate the performance of enterprise applications. Read more about these capabilities in Introducing vSphere 6.7 for Enterprise Applications.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure and vSAN

In vSAN 6.7, VMware offers an all-flash hyperconverged infrastructure for scalable, resilient, high-performance storage that meets the demands of online transaction processing (OLTP) environments, while simplifying administration with policy-based management. Read Oracle Database on All-Flash vSAN 6.7 to learn about a reference architecture that helps customers design and implement optimal configurations specifically for Oracle Database on all-flash vSAN 6.7.

VMware Cloud on AWS

With VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware provides an on-demand service that integrates vSphere, vSAN, and NSX along with VMware vCenter management allowing customers to run applications across vSphere-based cloud environments with access to a broad range of AWS services. It is an ideal solution for cloud use cases such as disaster recovery, cloud migration, and data center extension. Read more in Oracle Workloads and VMware Cloud on AWS: Deployment, Migration, and Configuration.

To learn more about how VMware Cloud on AWS works, try the VMware Cloud on AWS Hands-on Lab.  And to see the latest and greatest vSphere features in action, try the vSphere Hands on Lab.