VMware Cloud Director Availability – Provider Recommendations and Architecting Guide

VMware Cloud Director Availability offers several options for vApp and VM migrations and disaster recovery:

  • On-premises to Cloud
  • Cloud to Cloud
  • Cloud to on-premises

Thanks to the clear architecture, VMware Cloud Director Availability appliances’ deployment is quite simple and straightforward. It is in great favor to cloud providers allowing them to become ready to offer migration and DR services in a very timely manner.

Even though onboarding tenants is as easy as following a few guided wizards, VMware Cloud Director Availability is a multi-component tool and, because of that, has its specifics. A great example is the doubled allocation of the replicated VM’s virtual disk size in the data store when performing a failover task, making some allocation models not very suitable for tenants who will use the VMware Cloud Director Availability features.

To understand the product and its components better and learn some of the good practices that are based on real cases, you can read this post. It explains the different options for service tiers, provides some pricing and additional services suggestions, and describes what VMware materials you can use to support your marketing and sales activities.

And if you would like to deep-dive into the technical aspects of VMware Cloud Director Availability, please download our “Architecting VMware Cloud Director Availability Solution” guide.