Unlock more value move from the Standard Bundle to Flex today!

Welcome to Episode 7 of CloudSpot, in this week’s episode I’m joined by Luis Ayuso, senior product marketing manager and Benjamin Wold, a senior systems engineer.

This session discusses the end of life of Standard Bundle due to the end of life of the “vSphere Enterprise with Distributed Networking Switch” component. Many providers using this bundle today need to understand how this end of life will affect them and what they need to do.

We’ll also learn from Luis and Benjamins’ experience in the field with many service providers and how they have seen the market changing and the demands on providers changing also.  We will look at some of the aspects of the new Flex core model and how this relates to market trends and customer demands.


VMware has been constantly enabling providers for the last year for this change and more is available with our eBook, online webinars run weekly in all geos and recorded VMlive, you can find all of these assets here. If you still have questions regarding your transition, please reach out to BundleTransition@vmware.com


How do I get access to Cloudspot?

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