Expand your Monitoring-as-a-Service offerings with vRealize True Visibility Suite

Today, we are excited to announce the availability of the  VMware vRealize® True Visibility™ Suite for Cloud Providers. VMware vRealize® True Visibility™ Suite extends VMware vRealize Operations™ to the broader heterogeneous data center, enabling you to offer enhanced self-driving operations management and unified visibility across your customers hybrid cloud environments.

The combination of vRealize Operations and vRealize True Visibility Suite management packs, delivers end-to-end monitoring of compute, storage, network, containers, databases, applications and more across clouds. With over 50 management packs in this suite, you can differentiate your monitoring-as-a-service offerings to address critical monitoring and troubleshooting needs of your customers. You can help your customers eliminate their numerous disconnected monitoring tools and create a single source of truth for the full stack.

Improve your Customer’s Operations with vRealize True Visibility Suite

With the addition of True Visibility Suite to your monitoring offerings, your customers can realize immediate improvements at an optimal investment that help them:

  • Decrease cross-team friction by eliminating mean-time-to-identify (MTTI) hunts through, siloed infrastructure tools.
  • Reduce time for root-cause analysis
  • Clear up alert storms with built-in policies that disable alerts for your dev environments and other less-critical resources.
  • Increase tier 1 app availability by pinpointing problems faster and more accurately with dependency-aware dashboards.
  • Drill down to native-tool details to find noisy neighbors, bandwidth vampires and bad queries impacting virtual machine performance.

True Visibility Suite brings acquired Blue Medora capabilities to vRealize Operations, to further strengthen self-driving operations. Support from Blue Medora will EOL and transition to VMware Support. Support is engineered and validated by VMware, which includes an extensive knowledge portal and 24x7x365 individualized technical support.

Learn more on how to help your customers get started on True Visibility Suite:

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