Driving Down Database TCO with VMware Data Director and SAP-Sybase ASE

A recent IDC study concluded SAP-Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) has the lowest total cost of ownership compared to other relational database management systems (RDBMS). The study found ASE required 27% less processing power and servers than other RDBMS.VMware found ASE’s threaded architected to be equally efficient when running on VMware vSphere. Our validation testing showed ASE performance, when virtualized, is often equal that of identical physical systems.

VMware vFabric Data Director can further reduce hardware TCO by quickly virtualizing ASE on vSphere using built-in workflows to virtualize and migrate physical databases to run on vSphere. I speak to many SAP-Sybase customers who are still on older UNIX boxes who want to virtualize on modern x86 servers. vFabric Data Director can be used to jump start the physical to virtual conversion process and also keep security, data protection polices, resource consumption, and database configuration best practices in place.

The IDC study also showed SAP-Sybase requires 27% less IT Staff to manage ASE compared to other RDBMS, further TCO management costs can again be realized with vFabric Data Director.  Provisioning can be one of the most time consuming tasks requiring multiple IT teams working together to properly configure a database server.  It is not uncommon for departments to wait weeks or even months before their requests have been satisfied.  With VMware vFabric Data Director, provisioning can be a self-service operation.  The DBAs set up database templates and associates role-base permissions for use with these templates, as well as setting resource allocation to specific organizations.  Then users simply go through a self-service wizard to create a database which meets their requirements.

It won’t be long before our customers can take advantage of these capabilities. VMware and SAP-Sybase are working together on an ASE plug-in for vFabric Data Director which will be out by the end of the year.  To learn more about the capabilities of Data Director visit the product landing page or watch the product demo video below.


For more information contact Bob Goldsand (bgoldsand@vmware.com) and Jonathan Jiang (jonathanj@vmware.com)