Grow your Business with VMware Managed Service Provider Program

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but IT silos are back! With customers using 4+ different cloud environments on average, cloud providers find themselves managing siloed operations and seeing increased costs to support customers’ multi-cloud deployments. Many partners are operating these multi-cloud deployments and managed services in silos with custom tooling.

Luckily there’s another option. You can escape the silo trap and challenges of operating and managing the details of each cloud and the corresponding services with the help of VMware. The VMware Managed Service Provider (MSP) model enables you to take advantage of VMware software-as-a-service offerings (i.e. letting someone else worry about the Day 2 headaches) without investing more money in your own data center infrastructure—while still delivering profitable managed services on top.

Increase Revenue as a VMware MSP

With VMware Managed Service Provider offerings, service providers can grow their business and take advantage of the $252 Billion market opportunity. By becoming an MSP, they can build a pipeline of SaaS services that can address a variety of end customer needs. Learn more:

With a variety of services to choose from, partners can further differentiate themselves in the market. VMware Cloud Provider Hub, the underlying platform for VMware MSPs to deliver and manage services,  helps them increase operational efficiency to manage customer lifecycle, transact and deploy SaaS services for end customers, and offer support and billing—all in one place.

Key Steps to Becoming a VMware MSP

To become a VMware Managed Service Provider, the first step is to join the VMware Partner Connect program and then work with a VMware Aggregator to sign an agreement with a minimum committed MSRP spend for a specific service. From there, you will be a new MSP partner where you will own the terms of service with your customers and provide the necessary support and managed services.

The key steps to becoming an MSP are:

Become an MSP to Differentiate Business, Simplify Operations and More

As an MSP partner, there are number of key benefits you can deliver to your business. At the heart of most of our successful MSP partners is the desire to maintain a strong relationship with the end customers by delivering valuable managing services while at the same time reducing operational expenses for the partner to help increase profitability and margins.

For those of you considering becoming an MSP, whether you’re an existing service provider partner or other VMware partner, the following are key considerations on why the MSP offering could be right for you:

  • Differentiate Your Business: With a wide choice of services available and additional manage service you can offer on top of them, you have the ability to offer differentiated managed services that leverage your unique expertise and skills.
  • Reduce Operations and Costs: No data center investment or maintenance, which leads to faster time-to-market with new services and reduced burden on your resources to learn and develop specific skills.
  • Expand “Trusted Advisor” Status: With MSP, you can own the customer end to end. You own the terms of service and all support for your end customers.
  • Simple operations and aggregated billing:  Utilizing either VMware solutions or a verified Partner brand, an MSP will manage services via UI or APIs and consolidate operations and billing through the business portal.

Don’t Take Our Word – Hear from Successful MSP Partners

The VMware MSP success stories are expanding every day as more partners latch on to the benefits listed above. No need to just take our word for it. Learn from a couple of our existing MSP Partners, Faction and RoundTower, on how being part of MSP program and using VMware Cloud Provider Hub has helped their business.

RoundTower offering differentiated Managed Services: 

Faction’s experience using VMware Cloud Provider Hub: 

Evolve Your Business Today and Become a VMware MSP

Ready to become a VMware Managed Service Provider? Visit our VMware Managed Service Provider & Cloud Provider Hub website or talk to your VMware Sales Representative today!