Cloud Provider Pod. Refreshed.

“You can feel it in the streets
On a day like this, the heat
It feel like summer”

Time to give your cloud a sweet summer refresh? All it takes is one click. VMware Cloud Provider Pod 1.5 is out now, and is more capable, stable and faster than ever before.

Cloud Provider Pod 1.5 deploys the latest VVD for Cloud Providers architecture in a single click, either entirely, or per your design elements and decisions. This includes the latest vCloud Director 9.7 appliance, vSphere 6.7u2, vRealize Operations 7.5 and so on. Moreover, Cloud Provider Pod is now faster and more stable owing to several critical fixes.

VMware Cloud Provider Pod

If you’re not acquainted with Cloud Provider Pod yet ( #whytho 🙁 ), check out what it can do for you! In a nutshell, the Pod helps you out with 3 things: it creates custom cloud designs to suit your business, deploys those designs in a single click in adherence with robust cloud architecture principles, and provides you with detailed operational guidance.

Cloud Provider Pod components

The Cloud Provider Pod accelerates a cloud provider’s time to service-delivery from weeks to hours. It allows a cloud / ops / infrastructure admin to automate provisioning new infrastructure without having to worry about the underlying complexities.

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