CloudSpot Episode 13 – VMware Cloud Director Tenant App 2.4 with Luis Ayuso

Welcome to CloudSpot Episode 13!

In this episode I am joined by Luis Ayuso from our Cloud Provider Technical Marketing team to discuss the Tenant App’s latest version 2.4.

The Tenant App has been around for some time, and this has been quite a big update for 2.4.

In summary for those that do not know, Tenant App is an appliance and a plugin for Cloud Director, it provides you the service provider the ability to attach monitoring dashboards to your tenant services so they can view the status, performance and metering and billing of their infrastructure. To do this Tenant App requires on a data collector that collects data from vCenter, VMware Cloud Director, NSX and a pricing engine, that applies the charging policies defined by provider on the collected data.

Metering is incredibly important and we have invested a lot in this latest update, so please listen in and find out more about the Tenant App.

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