Announcing the Launch of vCloud Availability 3.5

In March 2019, VMware announced the launch of VMware vCloud Availability 3.0, a powerful solution offering simple, secure, and cost-effective data protection services “to” or “between” multi-tenant VMware clouds. Since its launch, adoption of this new unified solution has gained momentum with leading cloud providers. More VMware partners are now offering data protection services across a wider choice of clouds. Today, we are thrilled to announce the availability of vCloud Availability 3.5.

Delivering a Unified Disaster Recovery Solution

vCloud Availability 3.5 continues to build out the unified solution for data protection services. This release further simplifies data protection in hybrid cloud environments, ensures consistent recovery points, and provides deeper insight across clouds. These enhancements are tightly integrated with the Cloud Provider Platform to deliver hybrid cloud services to customers of all sizes. This provides data protection at scale, simplified virtual machine mobility and faster migration.

Simplifies and Accelerates Data Protection 

vCloud Availability 3.5 further simplifies data protection services in hybrid cloud environments and improves performance and operational efficiency. Cloud Providers now have the flexibility to support regional data center instances while optimally routing traffic. With the new vApp Aware migration capability you can auto-replicate vApp settings and guest customization from source to destination. Furthermore, you can now prioritize the boot order of critical VMs over less critical VMs.

Ensures Consistent Recovery Points Objectives

vCloud Availability 3.5 enables grouping and tiering of VMs for protection, which ensures consistent recovery points (RPOs) across all grouped machines. For example, an application that is comprised of a web server, database server, and application server could be grouped together and recovered jointly. VMs can also be grouped into tiers based on target RPOs. Virtual machines requiring different RPO levels can be grouped so that all critical machines recover together, and less critical VMs can be brought up subsequently.

Provides Deeper Insight and Visibility

With vCloud Availability 3.5 you can monitor and analyze per virtual machine traffic consumption in real time from the natively integrated user interface to ensure efficiency and performance. Cloud providers will be able to create reports on historical bandwidth consumption. The result is enhanced visibility allowing for better capacity planning and monetization opportunities through tiered offering.

Introduces Automatic Usage Metering and Reporting

VMware Usage Meter (UM) 3.6.1 now supports vCloud Availability 3.x for automatic metering and reporting usage on a monthly basis. No need to access each vCAv instance for manual reporting – Usage Meter will take care of this automatically within your Monthly Usage Report. You can have peace of mind of staying in compliant

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