Webcast: Preventing Data Loss and Downtime with VMware vCloud Availability Powered DRaaS

Need a simple, cost-effective solution to your disaster recovery worries?

Are your VMs not protected? VMs are protected but at high costs? Or just looking for a simple solution to expand your current protection with cloud-based disaster recovery? Then read on.

98% of organizations say a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000. Avoiding these costs and risks to your business has become easier than ever thanks to simple, cloud-based disaster recovery offerings based on VMware vCloud Availability .

VMware Cloud Providers have proven expertise in disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) and are ready to help you implement business resiliency–letting you focus more on your business. Using enterprise-grade DRaaS built on the world-class VMware platform and provider’s infrastructure resources, you can cost-effectively protect your business from disasters in no time.

I am partnering with a VMware Cloud Provider Expedient on January 28th, 2020 to deliver a webinar on vCloud Availability based DRaaS.

Join the webinar to learn more about how your organization can ensure application availability and workload protection by implementing a simple, cost effective DRaaS from Expedient.