VMware Cloud Director service™available globally

VMware Cloud Director™ service Global Availability

VMware Cloud Director™ service is a SaaS implementation of VMware Cloud Director – the industry leading multi-tenant Service Delivery Platform for VMware cloud providers. VMware Cloud Director service allows cloud providers to partition and organize VMware Cloud on AWS resources into resource pools, facilitating multi-tenant service delivery for organizations’ virtual data centers, users and networks. Cloud providers can then offer organizations, application and Virtual Data Center services in VMware Cloud on AWS sized appropriately to their needs. VMware Cloud Director service is available as an MSP contract and can be managed from all aspects of lifecycle and support via the Cloud Provider Hub (soon to be migrated to Cloud Partner Navidator)

What’s new

VMware Cloud Director™ service has been available since May 2020 in US West region. Now the solution has a global presence with CDs available in Frankfurt and Tokyo. Having a global footprint means cloud providers can utilize VMware Cloud Director service in their geo to manage infrastructure in their nearest VMware Cloud on AWS datacenter – as long as the latency between data centers is less than 150ms*

VMware Cloud Director service can utilize the multi-site association capability in VMware Cloud Director, allowing a VMware Cloud Director service to be a jump point into other regional VMware Cloud Director service instances as well as on-premise VMware Cloud Director instances if required. This is a great feature to provide your customers with hybrid operations across multiple VCD cloud endpoints.

New to VMware Cloud Director and Cloud Director service is a replacement workflow engine using WebSocket based MQ that will allow VMware Cloud Director service to deliver the extensibility services that VMware Cloud Director on-premise has benefitted from. In the coming months we will test 3 new types of services in addition to flexible infrastructure services in VMware Cloud on AWS with Cloud Director service delivering:

Cloud Director service, services coming soon

AWS S3 Object Storage: Cloud provider tenants will be able to deploy, manage, and consume AWS S3 storage within their Cloud Director environment. This S3 offering provides customers access to their S3 account and buckets of storage, all manageable in the Cloud Director UI and Object Storage Extension APIs (this can be achieved today, but without the UI operations available). The great benefit of this solution is that there are no egress charges as the traffic flows over the provider ENI and it opens up lots of different storage-based solutions to customers.

Application Services: Cloud Providers will be able to deliver a curated catalog of VMware Cloud Marketplace (inc. Bitnami) and custom applications for tenants (for VMs and containers). Using a 1-click app deployment catalog, the customer needn’t have any knowledge of the underlying infrastructure to provision and access apps. It offers an extensible developer-ready application platform, backed by enterprise-grade K8s and NSX-T multi-cloud fabric.

Kubernetes Cluster services**: Customers are looking to transform their environments and need secure guard rails for developers to work within. Cloud Providers will be able to enable orchestration of Kubernetes (K8) clusters to run in the VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure from within VMWare Cloud Director service as a unified platform. Provider customers will be able to deploy K8 cluster and can perform Life Cycle Management of clusters via the VMware Cloud Director Cluster Container Service Extension (CSE) Plugin.

Keep an eye out for announcements around these extensibility services in the coming months.

To find out more about Cloud Director service capabilities please head over to our webpage, or to see how it works please try this offline demo

*Latency should be tested prior commitments are made.

** vSphere Tanzu is not currently available in VMware Cloud on AWS