Cloudspot Podcast – focus on Go-To-Market

   This week – Go-To-Market for Cloud Providers

In this episode I’m joined by David Ednie, President and CEO at SalesChannel International. David shares his wisdom on Go-To-Market strategy and development of portfolio offerings and value proposition building. For many service providers portfolio development is a real challenge, especially with the fast paced nature of cloud services. Competitive pressures often cause troubles for providers and keeping up means evolving constantly, which, if you have limited resources is difficult.

David brings 20+ years of working with Cloud Providers on their go to market strategies – thinking beyond products – they alone don’t win you customers anymore! To solutions, the new battleground that cross traditional boundaries and force your business to adapt. Join David and myself as we discuss some of the challenges of change in provider businesses and the value of communicating your solutions. Challenging the status quo has never been more important!

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